Adventure Reboot Getaway March 22nd-27th

A different kind of travel experience

Ever wished you could just press pause on your busy life and reboot your system, close to nature where everything is taken care of for you?

Your visit to Breiðdalsvík, a small charming fishing village in East Iceland delivers just that: a new way to experience slow travel, with just the right amount of adventure intertwined into your days.

Recharge your spirit by using Hotel Bláfell as your local base, surrounded by Iceland’s stunning nature, combined with the local hospitality and fresh cuisine prepared daily.

Your Hotel Bláfell (Resort) offers comfortable Scandinavian accommodation and we invite you to leave your worries at home and let us treat you to an Adventure Reboot Getaway in our breathtaking neck of the woods.

About your hosts


Hrefna Ingólfsdóttir

Hrefna is born and raised in Breiðdalsvík and has a BA degree in anthropology. She is interested in traveling, photography and the outdoors as well as volunteering with the local Search and Rescue team.

Helga Hrönn Melsteð

Born and raised in Breiðdalsvík, Helga works as a turner, EMT & has worked with the local voluntary Search and Rescue team for over 20 years. She’s passionate about traveling, photography & nature and wildlife.

Arngrímur Viðar Ásgeirsson

A child of nature, “Viddi” is a farmer’s son from a fjord in East Iceland called Borgarfjörður Eystri, where he and his family run a travel company. He is an avid hiker, travel guide and storyteller.

Adventure like an Icelander

Here’s your chance to tap into your adventurous spirit, with a variety of activities such as daily hikes, a walk by Hoffell glacier lagoon, guided meditation and horseback riding on the Icelandic horse. Always at your own choosing and always in a safe environment.

Welcome: “Gakktu í bæinn”

What on earth does “Gakktu í bæinn” mean? It’s an old Icelandic greeting, which refers to welcoming people to our home. Icelandic hospitality as it has evolved over the centuries is part of the cultural values, as well as Icelandic nature, which our guests seek to experience.

Authentic Icelandic, local, fresh food

We Icelanders love feeding our guests with the best locally sourced food. On your getaway, you’ll enjoy fresh Icelandic produce like lamb, langoustine, cod and a selection of vegetarian and vegan choices from Vallanes organic farm.

Amplify your spirit

How long has it been since you had a restful nights’ sleep without any of the mechanical city noises, with only nature’s soundscape to lull you to dreamland? Our quiet rural location, combined with the fresh coastal air will help you sleep better than you have in a long time and go home feeling renewed.

Itinerary outline – subject to change

Day 1 (Sunday) – Arrival and familiarization with the village of Breiðdalsvík

Your driver will fetch you from Egilsstaðir Airport and head south towards the retreat headquarters, stopping by the French Museum along the way where you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch.

At Hótel Bláfell, you’ll be welcomed with refreshments, helped with check-in and given more information about the days to come, after which the locals will take you for a village walk to get you familiar with your home base for the week.

Next up: Your exclusive Welcome Dinner which our chefs have prepared from the best seasonal ingredients from local farms.

Day 2 (Monday) – Acclimatize

Today is your first day of the adventure reboot-style program. A healthy, buffet-style breakfast is served every day from 7:30-10:00 am, but keep in mind that on some days tours will start at 8:30.

We depart on our guided hike & jeep tour which will take roughly 3-4 hours, and first stop at the Jórvíkurskógur Forest. Jórvíkurskógur is a lovely Arctic forest on an island nearly barren of trees. Featuring rare European tree species, it’s an ideal spot for taking light walks, picnics, berry picking, and camping. We’ll bring snacks and refreshments for you, to hold you over til lunch.


Next we’ll head to the Flögufoss Waterfall. A short hike from the main road in Breiðdalsvík reveals the majestic cascade of this gorgeous waterfall where the river Flöguá flows down over striking cliffs in a single drop over 60 meters (197 feet) in height.

And finally we’ll wrap the morning with a light off-trail hike. We’ll meander along rural paths and sheep-trails, stopping to take in the scenery and snap some photos. This isn’t a serious hike, but your sneakers might not be hardy enough so bring your hiking shoes for this one.

After a nourishing lunch, you have a variety of choices of more adventurous, outdoor, social activities.  Here’s a full list of the afternoon activities.

Horse ride on the beach, anyone? You can pick any activity as often as you like, it’s all included!  Remember, all morning and afternoon activities are optional.  Pick none or all of them, we all have our own travel style.

Day 3 – Skútafoss, Hoffelssjökull Glacier & Langoustine lunch (Tuesday)

Today we’ll be up bright and early to head out for a great nature & gourmet tour! We’ll take you to waterfalls, Hoffell glacier lagoon, and through the otherworldly volcanic landscape of Southern Iceland.

We will visit the seaside town of Höfn for an Icelandic langoustine lunch, and then you’ll embark on a short hike to the base of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier.  But don’t worry, according to Peter M’s review, it is “an easy hike (my 70-year-old father who has never hiked before was able to do it)”.  Safe and fun!

We will be back at our hotel in time for a relaxed, casual dinner.

Day 4 – Quiet & Calm (Wednesday)

After a busy day yesterday, this morning you have time off to relax. This is the only day (other than departure day) that there are no structured activities and you can do with your free time as you wish! For the afternoon, you can choose one of the optional activities.

This evening, gather round for the fireside storytelling by Berglind.

She has been telling Icelandic folk stories for 30 years in a fun and lively way, and is known for captivating her audience.

What will tonight’s theme be?  Outlaws, trolls, elves or ghost stories? Meet us at the fireplace and find out 🙂

Fun fact:  The name “Berglind” only appeared in the Icelandic language in the 1930’s, after the world-famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh, visited Iceland in 1933.  Can you spot the connection?

Day 5 (Thursday) – Farewell dinner at the Randulf’s Seahouse in Eskifjörður

Begin the morning on a short 2 hour walk off-trail in easy terrain. The walk begins in Krossdalur valley where we start to ascend into the hills before heading to the edge of the mountainside overlooking the picturesque Streiti promontory.

In good weather, you will have a view to Skrúður and Papey islands off the shore as well as the nearby valleys and mountains.

After you’ve enjoyed a wonderful day in nature, we will visit Sævar for an evening at
Randulf’s Seahouse where you’ll be able to sample traditional Icelandic fare in a setting that has changed little in the past one hundred years.

This is our farewell evening and the final dinner will be held here in this historic former herring station.

Day 6 (Friday) – Departure day

Today is your final day of escape at Hótel Bláfell.

The usual morning activities will be available to you and you’ll have plenty of time to pack up and check out before we take you back to Egilsstadir to catch your flight back to Reykjavik.

Afternoon activity options

Choose any option, as often as you like!

A – Walk around the village

Meleyri Beach

Meleyri beach located across from Hotel Bláfell is a charming shoreline stretching from Breiðdalsvík across the bay towards Streiti. The volcanic black sands are perfect for a stroll to take in the fresh sea air and colorful birdlife.

(Gamla Kaupfélagið)

Breiðdalssetur research and heritage center is located in Kaupfélagið, the oldest building in Breiðdalsvík.
Built in 1906, today it houses an exhibition on the history and heritage of Breiðdalsvík.

Beljandi Brewery

Walk on over to this small brewery where focus is on craft beer, made for beer lovers.
MG235 from Nashville review: “The beer was great, the staff was super friendly and the aesthetic matched any place I’ve been to in the States.”

B – Horseback ride, 1-2 hours

The pony-sized Icelandic horses are well-known for their unique 5 gaits.

They are long-lived, hardy and capable to handle and help Icelanders with the rough terrain from the time of the Norse settlers in the 9th and 10th centuries.

Here’s your opportunity to go for a rejuvenating horse ride along the Meleyri Beach.

Want to go every afternoon?  Go for it!

C – Church & Coast Super Jeep Tour, 2-3 hours

Heydalakirkja Church

Picturesque Heydalakirkja Church is a lovely vicarage since early Christianity.
The old church, built in 1856, burned down late in the 20th and the new structure was consecrated in 1975.

Streitishvarf Lighthouse

South of Breiðdalur Valley is a beautiful peninsula and cliff-side area with picture-worthy views from Streitishvarf Lighthouse.
Enjoy excellent vistas of unique geological phenomenon in their natural environment.

Breiðdalsá River

Breiðdalsá is a beautiful, medium-sized river winding its way across stunning Breiðdalur Valley into the sea. This impressive river has a reputation for excellent brown trout, char and salmon fishing.

Beljandi Waterfall

A walk in the countryside along Breiðdalsá River near Brekkuborg Farm reveals Beljandi, a remarkably beautiful waterfall hidden in nature.

D – Hike up Mosfell by Kambanes 3,5-4,5 hours

Want to get a good oceanic view?  Join us on this 5km, 515m ascent hike, to get a high view over Breiðdalsvík and the next fjord, Stöðvarfjörður. This is a class 2 hike, meaning we may walk over scree (small, loose rock) or talus (larger, semi-loose rock) fields, but no climbing is required. Please wear your pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots.
Along the way you will enjoy the Arctic nature – delicate yet resilient – and the breathtaking views over the fjords of Breiðdalsvík and Stöðvarfjörður, the promontory between them and the nearby island of Skrúður.

Like-minded travelers

If you’re the right fit for Adventure Reboot, you choose to travel in a small group where authentic Icelandic experiences matter.

You care about the environment and protecting nature and like to learn about the culture and history of the destination.

You don’t want a typical holiday and would rather choose unfamiliar and new options.

Who Is Considering the Adventure Reboot Getaway?

44% Independent explorers who prefer to travel in a small group and want to experience something different that is off the beaten track.

34% Active relaxers who want a safe and comfortable travel itinerary to experience things first-hand rather than read about them in a book.

32% Fun Loving Globetrotters who enjoy new and exciting adventures. At home in nature, they like to share their experiences with others.

If this is you, book now 

Love the unfamiliar – You desire to get away from your daily routine and experience something new. You travel to see different and unfamiliar things. You find destinations in the North charming and don’t need warm days and sunshine.

Adventurous within sensible limits – If you enjoy getting out of your comfort zone, knowing you’ll broaden your horizons through venturing into the unknown, without taking any serious risks.

Inquisitive sharers – Wanna chat with the locals and see the world in a new way? You’re someone who’s willing to invite others into meaningful conversations and share perspectives about life.

Slow travel – You want free time and space to fully experience and dwell in the moment. You don’t like being hurried when travelling.

Super Early Bird $3,200 – Expires Dec 12th

Early Bird $3,700 – Expires Jan 20th

Full Price $4,200 – Expires Feb 20th

Pay less upfront: As an option, you can pay a 25% deposit now and full payment on February 22nd.

Single supplement is $350.  

Cancellation fees apply as the dates of the retreat approaches. Bookings are handled by our travel agency, Travel East, and the full policy can be found on our booking form there. Please note that twin occupancy is only suitable for participants who know each other well.

Included in price

  • Steeping yourself  in the charming little village Breiðdalsvík in the South East Iceland
  • Nature, nature, nature: Rivers, waterfalls, beaches, valleys and fjords!
  • Full day excursions including waterfalls, walk by Hoffelssjökull glacier lagoon and the seaside town of Höfn
  • Guided hikes and super jeep tours in Breiðdalur, Krossdalur & Kambanes

  • Your choice of adventure & exploration in the afternoon, by yourself or with fellow travelers, as often as you like!
  • A visit to the micro-brewery
  • A walk on Meleyri black beach

  • Riding on the Icelandic horse

  • Instagram exploration in the village and valley of Breiðdalur

  • Fireside storytelling with Berglind in our cozy lounge

  • Accommodation at Hótel Bláfell – choice of single or double occupancy​

  • All meals, made from locally sourced food, including a selection of vegetarian and vegan choices.

  • Entrance to The French Museum

  • All local transportation within the main itinerary, including pickup and return trip to Egilsstadir Airport

​Excluded from price

  • Airfares to and from Iceland
  • Airfares between Reykjavík and Egilsstadir.  You can book your domestic flight here
  • Transport to and from Keflavík airport – Upon arrival to Iceland we recommend spending a day in Reykjavík city, before flying to Egilsstadir on Sunday morning
  • Other transfers and touring not specified in the itinerary
  • Personal, medical or travel insurances