Welcome to Breiðdalsvík

– Population 139 –


Situated in the secluded beauty of Iceland’s East Fjords, we offer adventurous spirits a refreshing escape along the road less traveled. Surrounded by majestic mountains and black sand seascapes, you feel at one with nature. Hike along ancient volcanos, pick berries in enchanting Jórvíkurskógur Forest, or track herds of wild reindeer – all without seeing another soul. We invite you to experience our genuine small-town hospitality, fresh regional cuisine, and authentic local color found on every corner.

This is Breiðdalsvík, where the destination is worth the journey.

Hotel Breiðdalsvík

Hotel Breiðdalsvík is a tranquil oasis amid the rugged beauty of Breiðdalsvík.

Enjoy rustic ambiance in a comfortable setting ideal for exploring the surrounding wildlife and wilderness.


Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work We offer work-cation facility for people that want to combine work and pleasure at the...

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Jólahlaðborð 2021

Kræsingar og Kósýheit Veisluborðið svignar undan kræsingunum þegar Haraldur Helgason matreiðslumeistari mætir á Breiðdals...

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Interesting in Breiðdalsvík

Interesting in Breiðdalur and surrounding area

Beljandi Waterfall

A walk in the countryside along Breiðdalsá River near Brekkuborg Farm reveals Beljandi, a remarkably beautiful waterfall hidden in nature.

Breiðdalsheiði Volcano

The Eastfjords are Iceland’s oldest region, geologically speaking, with landscapes carved from the Ice Age and ancient, dormant volcanoes. Breiðdalsheiði is an ancient, eroded volcano located in Breiðdalur along the main highway and is an ideal hiking stop with excellent views over the area.

Breiðdalsá River

Breiðdalsá is a beautiful, medium-sized river winding its way across stunning Breiðdalur Valley into the sea. This impressive river has a reputation for excellent brown trout, char and salmon fishing. Trout Season May 1-Sep 30; Salmon Jul 1-Sep 30.

Jórvíkurskógur Forest

Jórvíkurskógur is a lovely Arctic forest on an island nearly barren of trees. Featuring rare European tree species, it is an ideal spot for taking light walks, picnics, berry picking and camping.

Meleyri Beach

Meleyri beach located across from Hotel Bláfell is a charming shoreline stretching from Breiðdalsvík across the bay towards Streiti. The volcanic black sands are perfect for a stroll to take in the fresh sea are and colorful birdlife.

Flögufoss Waterfall

A short hike from the main road in Breiðdalsvík reveals the majestic cascade of Flögufoss waterfall. Here the river Flöguá flows down over striking cliffs in a single drop over 60 meters (197 feet) in height.

Streitishvarf Lighthouse

South of Breiðdalur Valley is a beautiful peninsula and cliff-side area with beautiful views from Streitishvarf Lighthouse. Walk along the marked trail to encounter excellent vistas of unique geological phenomenon in their natural environment.

Heydalakirkja Church

Picturesque Heydalakirkja Church is a lovely vicarage since early Christianity. The old church, built in 1856, burned down late in the 20th and the new structure was consecrated in 1975.

Other interesting things in East Iceland