Area Nature and Attractions

We welcome you to discover the quiet nature and rustic delights of Iceland’s most beautiful valleys, Breiðdalur. This remote corner of East Iceland is known not only for its fragile beauty but also for the peacefulness where one can actually experience pure “silence.” Nestled in the heart of Iceland’s Eastfjords, Breiðdalsvík is perfectly situated for exploring the natural geological and geothermal wonders of the island’s uninhabited interior highlands.

In Breiðdalur…

Beljandi Waterfall

A walk in the countryside along Breiðdalsá River near Brekkuborg Farm reveals Beljandi, a remarkably beautiful waterfall hidden in nature.

Breiðdalsheiði Volcano

The Eastfjords are Iceland’s oldest region, geologically speaking, with landscapes carved from the Ice Age and ancient, dormant volcanoes. Breiðdalsheiði is an ancient, eroded volcano located in Breiðdalur along the main highway and is an ideal hiking stop with excellent views over the area.

Breiðdalsá River

Breiðdalsá is a beautiful, medium-sized river winding its way across stunning Breiðdalur Valley into the sea. This impressive river has a reputation for excellent brown trout, char and salmon fishing. Trout Season May 1-Sep 30; Salmon Jul 1-Sep 30.

Jórvíkurskógur Forest

Jórvíkurskógur is a lovely Arctic forest on an island nearly barren of trees. Featuring rare European tree species, it is an ideal spot for taking light walks, picnics, berry picking and camping.

Meleyri Beach

Meleyri beach located across from Hotel Bláfell is a charming shoreline stretching from Breiðdalsvík across the bay towards Streiti. The volcanic black sands are perfect for a stroll to take in the fresh sea are and colorful birdlife.

Flögufoss Waterfall

A short hike from the main road in Breiðdalsvík reveals the majestic cascade of Flögufoss waterfall. Here the river Flöguá flows down over striking cliffs in a single drop over 60 meters (197 feet) in height.

Streitishvarf Lighthouse

South of Breiðdalur Valley is a beautiful peninsula and cliff-side area with beautiful views from Streitishvarf Lighthouse. Walk along the marked trail to encounter excellent vistas of unique geological phenomenon in their natural environment.

Breiðdalssetur (Gamla Kaupfélagið)

Breiðdalssetur research and heritage center is located in Kaupfélagið, the oldest building in Breiðdalsvík. Built in 1906, today it houses an exhibition on the history and heritage of Breiðdalsvík.

Heydalakirkja Church

Picturesque Heydalakirkja Church is a lovely vicarage since early Christianity. The old church, built in 1856, burned down late in the 20th and the new structure was consecrated in 1975.

Near Breiðdalsvík…

Hallormsstaðaskógur Forest

Located one hour’s driving distance from Breiðdalsvík along the eastern banks of Lake Lagarfljót, nearby Hallormsstaðaskógur Forest is a captivating forest plantation with pleasant walking trails and opportunities for berry and mushroom picking during summer months.

Hengifoss Waterfall

A one hour’s drive from Breiðdalsvík brings visitors to one of the most breathtaking sites in Iceland, Hengifoss waterfall. This eye-catching cascade is the third highest in Iceland with a possibility to climb behind the waterfall and explore a small cave.

Petra’s Stone Museum

Located less than twenty minutes from Breiðdalsvík you’ll find Petra’s Stone Museum which features an extraordinary collection of local stones and minerals in an adorable setting Open May-Sep.

Northern Lights

Iceland’s remote Eastfjords enjoy some of the country’s mildest weather and the area has minimal light pollution which are key ingredients to successful Northern Lights Hunting. Experience the spectacular Aurora Borealis mid-Aug-May.


Iceland’s lovable puffins, or ‘lundi’ in Icelandic, can be spotted in numerous sites around East Iceland whether sailing among the grassy islands offshore or birdwatching from the picturesque coastline. Puffin watching season: mid-Apr thru mid-Aug.


Reindeer live in the wild in east Iceland, but were only imported in the 18th century. Reindeer sightings are best in summer or in winter when the herds migrate into the valleys.

Holuhraun Hot Spring

Following the eruption of Bárðarbunga Volcano in 2014, a new hot spring has sprung among the Holuhraun lava field in the northeast highlands above Vatnajökull Glacier. Enjoy an exhilarating dip in this newest of all natural hot spring spas.